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Owner and founder of House Of Rejuvenate Massage. Her loyal clients gave her the nickname" House of Pain". Her session is focused on pain management and minor injury treatment. Recommended for massage enthusiasts that prefer stronger and deeper muscle work. Sessions with her include; Signature Massage with Sai, Massage + Cupping.

(Does not participate in First-time visit promotions and/or any discounts)



Owner of connect the dots. As a fitness professional and licensed acupuncturist, Akiyo sees herself as an interpreter or, in some cases, a mediator between you and your body. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, disease, pain, or various types of discomfort are caused by imbalances in your body. Acupuncture can facilitate in restoring the balance to assist in reaching optimal health. Akiyo incorporates exercise, stretch, and other self-care techniques as well as lifestyle and diet modifications and herbal medicine as needed.

Check out Akiyo's website here!

more profiles coming soon!

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