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Owner and founder of House Of Rejuvenate Massage. Her loyal clients gave her the nickname" House of Pain". Her session is focused on pain management and minor injury treatment. Recommended for massage enthusiasts that prefer stronger and deeper muscle work. Sessions with her include; Signature Massage with Sai, Massage + Cupping.


Bill specializes in Therapeutic massage and Deep Tissue. He is excellent in working with migraine, shoulder, neck and lower back pain. His personality and work style is very energetic and positive which will leave you rejuvenated and refresh after a session with his magical hands. Recommended for clients who prefer a medium to stronger therapeutic massage and need deep upper bodywork.


Nina specializes in posture rehabilitation, injury recovery, sciatic nerve treatment, and chronic neck & shoulder pain. Highly skilled all treatment techniques. Including Deep Tissue, Thai massage, Swedish relaxation massage, and herbal press.  Recommended for clients who prefer a medium to stronger pressure. Communication is key in her process, as she is thorough with her initial questions and is attentive to your feedback. 


As a fitness professional and licensed acupuncturist, Akiyo sees herself as an interpreter or, in some cases, a mediator between you and your body. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, disease, pain, or various types of discomfort are caused by imbalances in your body. Acupuncture can facilitate in restoring the balance to assist in reaching optimal health. Akiyo incorporates exercise, stretch, and other self-care techniques as well as lifestyle and diet modifications and herbal medicine as needed.


Belle has a passion to help clients reach deep relaxation, cure tired and sore muscles to bring greater ease of movement client comfort. She enjoys mixing Swedish, Deep Tissue and 

relaxation techniques also Combination Massage with more Thai massage stretching releases to help her clients achieve their wellness goals.


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