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30 min online Q & A.................complimentary 

(limited to 4 times a year per person) 

Do you have a quick question about Chinese medicine, acupuncture treatment, fitness, or anything else about wellness? Akiyo will be available via zoom or phone. Please be sure to enter your email address and phone number when you are booking the appointment.

Acupuncture treatment

First appointment (90 minutes)......$100

Your very first appointment with us will take about an hour and a half, including a detailed intake and a treatment. When booking, please choose the "first appointment."

Regular visit (60 minutes)...............$80

After your first appointment with us, your regular appointment will take about an hour. When booking, please choose "regular visit."

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, all diseases, disorders, and discomforts are caused by imbalances or disharmonies. By inserting thin needles in various locations on your body, acupuncture is used to harmonize and restore balance in your system to help you reach optimal wellness. 


What happens during an acupuncture treatment?

After an intake and needed examinations, treatments are commonly done while you are lying on your back or on your stomach based on your comfort and locations of points chosen. After needles are inserted, they are retained for 20-30 minutes (sometimes longer), so it is very important that you are in a comfortable position. The practitioner will step out of the treatment room during this time, but you will have a pager to have access to any assistance needed.

Acupuncture Session

*Any questions about acupuncture please contact Akiyo     ( or 415-770-0250 )

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