Every body is unique.

So your treatment should be unique and tailored to your body. Please see our list of treatments. 

*Our therapist are vaccinated 

*House of Rejuvenate has followed strict hygiene protocol announced by the Department of Public Health. We have Air Purifiers and LED Lights that can help cleanse the air and kill Germs and Virus.
We clean and sanitize the rooms after each session.


Therapeutic massage 

& Bodywork


Using technique that focuses primarily on deeper layers of the muscles. Using firm and deeper strokes to reach those deep layers.

Recommended for people who are comfortable with more intense pressure. 

One of the primary goal of Swedish massage is to relax the entire body. Technique involves massaging the muscle in the direction of the blood flow to the heart. Beneficial for increasing level of oxygen in the blood and decreasing toxins.

Recommended for the active athletes or those in competitive sports. Ideal to treat minor muscle issues and preventive treatment. Stimulates joint and muscle to increase blood flow.

Uses stretching and gentle to firm pressure along the body’s energy lines to improve flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension. The body is compressed, pulled, and stretched. Thai massage can be more rigorous than other forms of massage. Session can include walking on client's back. Good for relieving muscle/joint pain.

Acupressure Neck Massage
Oil Massage

House of Rejuvenate

A specialized treatment for you

We help clients rejuvenate and restore their bodies with a wide range of remedies.

Every client is unique, we can offer a different technique and approach to each individual.




One of our most popular service.

Bond and relax together with our Couple's Massage. Cozy and relaxing experience for both of you. 

*CALL TO BOOK 415 533 1052

Specialized Treatments


Our specialized treatments are designed to add an additional

benefit to a regular therapeutic massage.


Utilizing different techniques and approach to help you rejuvenate. Our signature massage is tailored to suit each client. Involves different strokes and pressure. Recommended for hardcore massage enthusiast or those with chronic muscle pain.

Enhance the benefits of our therapeutic massage with our modern cupping therapy. During this 75 minutes massage session we will incorporate modern cupping, by using suction cups placed on key muscle areas to help minimize circulating toxins and improving healthy blood flow.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, all diseases, disorders, and discomforts are caused by imbalances or disharmonies. By inserting thin needles in various locations on your body, acupuncture is used to harmonize and restore balance in your system to help you reach optimal wellness.

**Any questions about acupuncture please contact Akiyo at or 415-770-0250 

The use of water heated hot stones placed on key muscle points. Hot stones have a sedative effect that can promote healing of chronic muscle pain, reduce stress, and promote deeper relaxation.


Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on treatment, focusing on the evaluation and improving of the function of the central nervous system. It promotes relaxation, ease of stress and tension related problems, neck and back pains, migraines or headaches, chronic fatigue and sleep deprivation, temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (TMJ).

Involves light pressure and stretching. Aim to relax whole body and improve circulation. Good for reducing most miscomforts experienced during pregnancy.




The use of highly effective and naturally extracted essential oils to enhance benefit of your massage. The benefits of each oil work directly into your body during the massage. These essential oils have many calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients.



Upper Back Massage
Hot Stones Massage
Neck and Shoulder Massage
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House of Rejuvenate

 We are a professional massage studio located right in the Financial District of San Francisco. We have been professionally serving our client since 2007. We are a small and cozy massage studio located in the basement floor of the Chancery Building, away all from the noise and craziness. We believed since 2007 that every individual client is unique and requires a specific approach to treatment. All of our therapist are hand picked and we truly believe we have the best selection of massage therapist available to best cater to your specific needs to treatment. 



Couple's Massage

"Amazing massages! We had a couples massage, and the room was cutely decorated, smelled nice, and was quiet. The room is in a basement, and it’s quiet with a relaxing environment. The massage was the most personalized massage I’ve ever had, and I left feeling soooo relaxed and much better! "

Jeff de Anda,

Deep Tissue Massage

Amazing massage. Very relaxing, great atmosphere. Help me with my lower back and neck problems. Would highly recommend.

Karyn B,

Deep Tissue Massage

House of Rejuvenate is the best. It's near my work so I can go on my lunch break, but the real benefit is the quality of care. 

Arlyn P,

Sports Massage

I visited House of Rejuvenate during a trip to San Francisco and was extremely pleased with my overall experience. I booked an appointment online, which I would highly reccomend you do because it is a small business and a lot of the masseuses seem to always be booked up. Their website is easy to navigate and you receive courtesy texts so that you won't forget your appointment which I found to be a great touch.

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eGift cards or physical cards available for purchase. 

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